We are fermenters by trade who make our own sauerkrauts, condiments, kefir sodas, kombucha drinks and more!

Our Sauerkraut, Garden Kraut, Kim-Chi, Ramp Kraut, Curtido and Apple Ginger Kraut are all certified as an Indiana Artisan food. We are very proud of the honor. Our variety of seasonal ferments extends into pickles, and other flavors of kraut.

While focused on proper nutrition and natural simple flavors, Fermenti Artisan emphasizes the importance of maintaining a good relationship with your food. Realizing where it comes from, and what it does to your body, is the first step in the process. Specializing in local, organic, and nutrient-dense foods, sourced directly from family farms, Fermenti Artisan’s traditionally crafted, cultured vegetables and beverages highlight the importance of gastro health.

As the demand for local, organic and preservative-free food rises in Indianapolis, so does the demand for Fermenti Artisan. In recent years, the organic and local food movement has spread, and has now found a permanent seat at the tables of Indiana residents. We are seeing a growing emphasis being placed on properly prepared nutrient-dense foods. Fermenti Artisan’s passion, focus & execution are based around these principles.

Joshua Henson and Mark Cox, urban farmers as well as trained chefs, are currently going into their fourth year of business as Fermenti Artisan. With over four decades of combined cooking experience, they fuse together comfortable classic cuisines while emphasizing modern twists. The duo’s passion, and main focus, is centered on the world renowned nutrition principles of Weston A. Price, and the evolving lifestyle and practice of Slow Food.

What Are Traditionally Pickled Vegetables?
• Handcrafted
• Nutrient Dense
• No Added Sugar or Vinegar
• Raw, Never Heated/Pasteurized
• One of the Oldest Forms of Food Preservation
• Probiotic, Promotes Digestive Health and Immune Function
• Enhanced Vitamin Content of the Vegetables
• Improved Quality, Taste, and Aroma

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to call us at our retail location in Indianapolis. Monday-Thursday, 10AM-3PM. (317) 493-1652