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Due to quality issues when shipping our raw food products through USPS/UPS, we are no longer providing direct mail order sales and shipping of our products.
However, our products can be found on the shelves of various grocers, co-ops, and food stores in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. To find a location that sells our products, click the "Buy Locally" link at the top of the page.

Fermenti Artisan Garlic-Ginger Kraut is handcrafted, and one of our most popular ferments. With a focus on developing personal relationships with family farms, we use the finest organic cabbage. Our Garlic-Ginger Kraut ferments for 10 days in German style stoneware crocks. We then cure it in refrigeration for several weeks to allow the flavor to further develop.

If you're a fan of our Garden Kraut, give this addictive new ferment a try. The subtle brassica note from the kale is accentuated with delicious ginger and garlic, resulting in a lovely balance on the palate.

• Handcrafted
• Nutrient Dense
• No Added Sugar or Vinegar
• Raw, Never Heated/Pasteurized
• Probiotic, Promotes Digestive Health and Immune Function

Ingredients: Cabbage, Kale, Onion, Ginger, Sea Minerals, Starter Culture.

Net wt. 16 Ounces
Contains Live Cultures, Please Refrigerate Upon Receiving.

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